LinuxPR: openCOLA Newest Clerver Now Serving

“openCOLA, the leading North American open source development
house, announces the release of a new version of the openCOLA
Clerver Software Development Kit is now available for

“OpenCOLA is a true collaborative computing environment, in
which all instances of the program are peers. To avoid referring to
“clients” and “servers” in such a peer to peer environment, we
typically call openCOLA platforms “clervers.”

“The openCOLA clerver is a small (~500K) C++ program that takes
plug-ins written in C. The clerver is analogous to an HTTP server
in many respects: it can communicate with the outside world using
the HTTP protocol, and can even serve up Web pages from a local
directory. Its main task, however, is to host collaborative
software, and facilitate communication between the software objects
inside it and other clervers.”


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