LinuxPR: O’Reilly Releases Beginners Guide to “Learning Red Hat Linux”

“Linux, the most talked-about success story of Open Source
software, is attracting millions of new users. Many of these new
users, unlike the early adopters of Linux, don’t come from a UNIX
background. And if you come from a Windows or Macintosh background,
Linux can be — well, a little gnarly.”

“Bill McCarty, a university professor who has taught Linux to
hundreds of students, wrote a book specifically for those new
users. McCarty’s book, “Learning Red Hat Linux” (O’Reilly, $34.95)
has just been released. “Learning Red Hat Linux” includes a
CD-ROM that contains a fully-operational, complete version of Red
Hat Linux, one of the most popular Linux distributions.
version of Red Hat Linux may be purchased as Official Red Hat
Linux, along with technical support, for $69.00… The book, and
the included CD-ROM, gives you everything you need to get started
with one of the hottest operating systems around.”

“At one time, one had to know a good bit about computers to get
a Linux system up and running. But, that’s much less true today.
Essentially every modern operating system — including MS Windows
— is based on Unix, says McCarty. Writing for those unfamiliar
with Unix involves helping the reader see that Unix lives inside MS
Windows. That’s what I’ve tried to do in this book: To build a
bridge between the familiar world of MS Windows and the seemingly
unfamiliar world of Unix.”