LinuxPR: Penguin Computing Becomes First Computer Company To Join The Coalition

“Penguin Computing and the Coalition for Environmentally
Responsible Economies (CERES) jointly announced today that the
fast-growing Linux Solutions company has joined CERES.”

“We are committed to environmentally responsible business in the
strongest sense; it’s the right way, and the only way, to do
business” says Sam Ockman, President and Founder of Penguin
Computing. “The Linux community has already shown the world a new
way of making software; we now want to help CERES show the world a
new way of doing business.”

“According to Brad Sperber, CERES’ Director of Coalition
Programs, “we are delighted to form an alliance with Penguin
Computing. Building creative and constructive links with public
interest groups and investors is an important characteristic of
leadership firms. We hope that this partnership can provide a model
of environmental innovation for the computer industry.” CERES
represents over 220 billion dollars in invested assets and ten
million people.”