LinuxPR: Penguin Computing to Offer Full Line of AMD-Based Servers

“New Adelie Penguin Series Will Be Available for Sale on June

“Penguin Computing announced today that it will become the first
company to offer a full line of servers running on AMD (NYSE: AMD)
processors. The servers, known as the Adelie Penguin series, will
be introduced at the CA-World ’99 conference at the New Orleans
Convention Center on Saturday July 16.”

“‘We want to be AMD’s champions in the Linux community and we
are extremely proud to be the first company to offer AMD servers,’
said Sam Ockman, President of the fast-growing San Francisco
hardware company. Penguin Computing was the first company to
exclusively sell computers running only the ultra-reliable Linux
operating system. The company was also the first to introduce a 2U
Rackmount with Four Hot Swappable Hard Drives. The new AMD models
can be used as web servers, file servers and database servers and
are also available as rackmounts.”

“Penguin Computing will be selling computers in the Adelie
series with RAID, hot-swappable power systems, up to 768 Megs of
RAM, 10,000RPM hard drives, error-correcting memory, hot-swappable
hard drives and Penguin Computing’s innovative cooling systems that
maximize system lifetime. ‘We want to build computers that will
last through an earthquake, and we expect that these AMD models
can,’ added Ockman.”