LinuxPR: Popular Linux Portal Acquired By Global Reaction Network

The linux portal which has gained momentum over the past
months was acquired by the Global Reaction Network.

“Over the past months, the LinuxFool Portal…has grown to
attract hundreds of thousands of Linux users who visit the site on
a daily basis to get support, exchange and get information.
Realizing the potential of the portal, the Global Reaction
Network…has acquired the site and all its resources.”

“The merger-acquisition will result in more, better services to
the Linux community, such as a new mail service which will allow
Linux users, a bigger, better banner exchange powered by Global
Reaction Network’s LinkExtreme.com service…as well as other,
faster, better services. The web site will also benefit from
additional paid marketing and will continue to grow on its quest to
become the number one destination for Linux users.”