LinuxPR: PowerLogix bundling LinuxPPC 1999 with all G3 and G4 accelerator cards

PowerLogix, a leader in the processor upgrade card market for
the Mac and the the first company to demonstrate G4-based upgrades
for Power Macs, today announced plans to bundle LinuxPPC 1999 with
all PowerLogix G3 and G4 upgrade cards.”

LinuxPPC 1999 offers the latest technologies and
enhancements to the Linux operating system. It is the fifth release
by LinuxPPC Inc

“Now Powerlogix customers will be able to use the fastest
processors in the world with the world’s fastest and most popular
web serving platform. Access to all popular Linux applications such
as Apache HTTP Server and GIMP is now at their fingertips with an
easy-to-use, full release LinuxPPC package. This is not a demo! All
the power of MacOS X with a well-established user base, and