LinuxPR: Project Linux opens it’s doors to the public.

Project Linux announced today the official public launch of
it’s open source technology orientated web site
http://www.projectlinux.org. The new site features two prominent
sections during this official public opening, named “Get Linux”,
and “Open Talk.”

“The Get Linux section of the new site caters to those people
who are just now discovering the Linux operating system, and also
to those looking for another variety of Linux distribution to try.
It features an informative and extensive list of available Linux
distributions, as well as articles, news updates, and two new
features not previously seen on any similar web site.”

“This consists of a comparison engine, as well as a distribution
search engine – users can now select two different distributions
and compare them for features, or use the search engine to specify
what they are looking for most, and have a list of results returned
to them. Project Linux hopes to tout this area of it’s web site as
the premier source for information on various Linux distributions,
providing reviews and a rigorous system of tests to rate each
individual distro.”