LinuxPR: SMC Networks Teams with TurboLinux in Linux Bundling Deal

Leading Networking Company Will Bundle TurboLinux
Workstation with Every Adapter Purchased.

“SMC Networks, a leading manufacturer and supplier of LAN
products for small-and medium-sized networks, announced in October
of ’99 an agreement with TurboLinux that validated the true
presence and acceptance of the Linux Operating System in the
networking industry. Effective January 1, 2000, a free copy of the
TurboLinux Workstation package will be included with every SMC
single-pack network adapter purchased. TurboLinux is a leading
Silicon Valley-based distributor of high-performance Linux products
for the workstation and server markets.”

“The SMB market is a natural fit for the cost-effective high
reliability of Linux. The collaboration between SMC and TurboLinux
makes them front runners in moving to meet the demand head-on,”
said Sandra Steere Potter, research director of Linux Services,
Aberdeen Group.”