LinuxPR: Stalker Announces the LinuxPPC Version of the CommuniGate Pro Mail Server

“Stalker Software, Inc. today announced the LinuxPPC version of
their hi-end CommuniGate Pro messaging system. CommuniGate Pro is a
Unified Messaging Server which supports most major operating
systems. CommuniGate Pro is recognized for its many features, high
speed and reliability.”

“CommuniGate Pro can support 100,000-200,000 accounts from one
server making it a viable solution for small to mid-size ISP’s. For
extra large ISP’s handling millions of accounts, CommuniGate Pro
offers clustering support allowing for easy management and real
scalability options.”

“In addition, the new 3.1 version of CommuniGate Pro supports
Personal Web Sites with automated publishing. Users can create
their own Web sites and upload web files to the CommuniGate Pro
server using any composer application that supports the HTTP PUT
method (like Netscape(r) Composer). Besides, Personal Web Sites can
be updated using simple HTML forms. Support for uploading via the
CommuniGate Pro FTP server should follow in the next release.”