LinuxPR: SuSE and Siemens Create Linux Memory Extension

SuSE GmbH, Nuremberg, and Siemens AG, Munich, have
completed a Linux extension allowing the use of up to four GByte of
memory on Intel-based servers.
High-end server systems with
memories of this size are used, for example, in computer-intensive
database applications which are the basis of company-relevant
applications in many companies.”

“Due to its stability and extensive networking capabilities,
Linux already enjoys an excellent reputation in numerous companies
as a server operating system. By breaking this barrier, which until
now stood at two GByte, Linux qualifies as a genuine alternative
for memory-intensive applications,” explained Roland Dyroff, CEO of
SuSE GmbH.”

“Siemens is highly committed to the further development of
Linux,” said Peter Schumpp-Kappler, Vice-President of Marketing for
the Siemens Computer Systems business sector. “This is not the only
project in which we are cooperating closely with SuSE. Our
Intel-based Primergy servers form the ideal hardware platform to
use the increased memory support of Linux effectively.
Memory-intensive applications, such as large SAP R/3 installations,
will especially reap the benefits of this.”