LinuxPR: SuSE Linux AG Enlarges Board of Directors

“With the appointment of a larger board of directors, SuSE Linux
AG is setting the course for the further expansion.”

“Roland Dyroff, 33, will continue to be chief executive officer
(CEO) of SuSE Linux AG and direct the internationally-oriented
company group. Dirk Hohndel, 32, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is
the head of technology and development, and Roland Giebitz, 38,
Chief Operations Officer (COO), will oversee finance and

“In the past year, SuSE Linux AG increased the number of
distribution and service centers from two to seven. With
revenue of 22 million dollars and over 250 staff members, SuSE is
one of the leading companies in the Linux field worldwide
summarizes company founder Roland Dyroff.