LinuxPR: SuSE Partners with Minolta for Linux Printing Solutions

Minolta-SuSE partnership: Full support for Linux

“Last year’s autumn trade fairs brought concrete evidence of a
new strategic partnership between Minolta and SuSE, the
international Linux distributor: Dedicated SuSE Linux corners at
the Minolta stands demonstrating that the new partnership can bring
the very practical benefit of printing usability to Linux

“The aim of Minolta’s partnership with Europe’s leading Linux
distributor, SuSE, is simple: facilitate printer support. The
resultant benefits are significant. Linux users can now enjoy
high-quality output from the Minolta PagePro 8, 18 and 25
monochrome laser printers. The recently launched Version 6.3 of
SuSE Linux features a driver utility that also includes
installation support for the PagePro 8, 18 and 25 printers. In
practical terms, this means that these Minolta printers will be
visible and selectable in the Linux user’s windows and functions
such as paper trays, mail bins, etc., will also be easily
selectable – an important consideration for printers with hundreds
of individually customizable configurations. Another practical
advantage is that Minolta has just launched an extended version of
its network management utility, PageScope, to make life easier for
Linux network administrators.”