LinuxPR: The Linux Show!! broadcasts to the worldwide Linux community, LIVE from Linux Business Expo

Vendors and community groups exhibiting at LBE have
opportunity to speak to the world wide Linux community.

“Jeff Gerhardt, co-host of The Linux Show!! stated today, “The
schedule for next weeks broadcast LIVE from the Linux Business Expo
is filling FAST. Vendors and community groups should sign up for
broadcast segments for our LBE broadcast as soon as possible. Even
though we had a late start on booking the slots, they are going
fast and will probably all be filled before the expo opens. This is
a wonderful opportunity as there is no cost to the community member
or vendor for this opporunity. Exhibitors can take advantage of
this opportunity to reach out to the world wide Linux audience; by
registering at the URL

“GeekCast and The Linux Show!! announced last week that they
will be bringing their broadcast team and studio to the floor of
Spring Comdex and the Linux Business Expo to do a LIVE remote
broadcast of the event. The Linux Show!! will do live interviews
from booth L3250 of Chicago’s world famous McCormic Place.”