LinuxPR: The Ompages Project: A Secure Server in Every Home

Ompages is a volunteer organization that seeks to do for
networking services what the Debian Project has done for networking
tools. We intend to make networking services free and

“Ompages.com is a new volunteer organization that seeks to do
one thing: bring affordable secure internet connected servers to
every home, community and village in the world. While most of the
press that Linux has received in the past few years has been
dominated talk of how it will influence the corporate world, we
believe that its real significance is that it is a social
phenomenon that will allow people from every socio-economic
background to own their own family or small business network. We
also want people who cannot afford the cost of a server to be able
to access applications over an affordable ‘thin-client’

“We are at very early stages of development. Since we are a
volunteer organization, we rely on the spare time of people that
care about how the internet should be to develop our web site,
services and mission.”