LinuxPR: theKompany.com Releases More Embedded Applications for New Sharp Zaurus

Now that the Zaurus Linux based PDA from Sharp is shipping,
we’ve added to our growing stable of applications for the device
with two new offerings:

$9.95 – tkcFTP is a fast and easy to use FTP client. With tkcFTP
you can grab any file, anywhere and at any time as long as you have
an Internet connection. Have a file you’ve been working on that is
too large to email from the Zaurus? Just use tkcFTP to connect to
the server and upload it. Works with wireless connections as well
as dial up CF modem connections or network connections. All the
features you’d expect from an advanced FTP client.

tkcGallery =
$9.95 – tkcGallery is meant to simplify working with digital
images, specifically Compact Flash based Digital Cameras. With
tkcGallery you can simply pop in the CF card from your digital
camera and then browse, delete, rotate, select for slide show and
play back your images. The Zaurus screen provides a quick and
convenient way to better show off pictures while your on the

You can also purchase a bundle (tkcBundle) of all our embedded
applications for only $69.95 which is a savings of over $25 if
purchase separately. The bundle includes our other embedded

– $19.95 – is an embedded version of our popular Kapital product
for Linux. We’ve ported all the features that are useful and make
sense for the Zaurus form factor as well as the ability to sync
with Kapital 1.0 when it is available.

– $19.95 – is a full featured Jabber client with support for all
the Instant Messaging transports you can imagine. Transport
connection wizards make it easy to interface to AIM, MSN, Yahoo
Chat, etc.

– $9.95 – is an enhanced file manager for the Sharp Zaurus. We’ve
put in all the features you need from a sophisticated file manager
with a user interface that is easy to work with on a device such as
the Zaurus.

– $14.95 – is more than just a simple Notepad application, it is a
serious editor that provides many tools that are convenient for
programmers as well, such as syntax highlighting for C++, HTML,
SQL, Python, Perl, DTML, ColdFusion; a Search/Replace dialog,
‘goto’ line, and more.

– $4.95 – fills a need on the Sharp Zaurus for a basic paint
application as well as a “Scribble” type application. You can
select colors and brush size and draw directly on the screen for
taking quick notes, and as a portable “white board”.

– $4.95 – is our version of the popular game Mahjongg. We’ve
included a huge library of background graphics and tiles as well as
an enormous selection of tile layouts, there is even a tile builder
so you can create your own.

Our embedded applications are only for sale directly from our
web site at www.thekompany.com. For an overview
see www.thekompany.com/embedded.

More applications will be coming available in the upcoming
weeks, so keep checking and feel free to send suggestions to


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