LinuxPR: TheLinuxShow!!: Linux Scavenger Hunt Party

“The Linux(r) Show!! is in the process of planning a Live and
Interactive, Linux Scavenger Hunt Party. This will happen the night
of October the 26th , as a part of Halloween week (boo)…”

The general concept is to find answers to Linux and
technology related trivia questions. It is recommended that people
participate as teams, and would be a fun thing for a LUG to do as
an event.
Adult beverages are encouraged (for adults).”

“At exactly 8:00 pm CST on the 26th of October on the LIVE
broadcast of The Linux Show, we will reveal the location of a web
site that will have a simple list of questions, clues and
associated URLs. You will need to go to those URLs, or deduce the
location of a URL based upon the clue, and then gather information
to answer the questions. Some of these questions will stand on
their own and be easily solved. Other questions will require an
answer from a previously asked question as the clue to solve that
later question. Additional “Cryptic” clues will be given out during
the contest at our IRC server.”