LinuxPR: TheLinuxStore.com Announces $399 Red Hat Linux Desktop Computer System

The Element-L ‘Ion’ System for $399 is the Lowest Priced
Computer System on the market using the Red Hat Linux OS.

“TheLinuxStore.com a division of EBIZ Enterprises, Inc…a
leading manufacturer and e-commerce distributor of Linux-based
computer systems, today announced that they are offering the
lowest-priced Linux-based computer that incorporates the full Red
Hat® Linux 6.0 operating system…”

“The Element-L Ion system, which today has been reduced in price
from $450 to $399, is a fully configured Intel Celeron 333 Mhz
processor, motherboard with onboard sound, 8 MB AGP, 10/100
Ethernet NIC and 56K modem, a 6.4 GB hard drive, 3 2MB 4 x 64
SDRAM, a 24X CD-ROM, 1.44 floppy drive, sound, speakers, mini tower
ATX case, keyboard and mouse. Pre-installed software includes KDE
and Gnome, two popular Graphical User Interfaces and Red Hat Linux
6.0 Operating System. In addition, a wide range of pre-installed
applications, including word processing, 3D Modeling and Animation,
and Netscape® for Web access and email.”