LinuxPR: Tucows.com Announces the Largest Linux Themes Site

“Linuxberg.com now the one-stop Linux spot”

“TUCOWS.COM is launching the largest Linux theme site ever
created. With well over 1500 themes, the new site located at
will help meet the high demand for all Linux needs from the
computing community. The new Linux Themes site will compliment
another member of the TUCOWS Network: Linuxberg (www.linuxberg.com). Linuxberg, with
over 2000 programs, is one of the largest distributors of Linux
software in the world.”

“The new themes site consists of many different themes
containing collections of sounds, backgrounds, and icons. This will
transform the typical plain desktop manager’s interface into
something more suited to the personality of each individual user.
With the current rise in the popularity of Linux, a need for a
large collection of themes for users has also come about. All
themes will be compatible with KDE and Window Maker, the two most
popular desktop managers for Linux.”

“While this new Linux Themes site will have over 1500 themes at
launch, more will be added daily. The large number and variety of
themes offered will allow users to make this site, combined with
Linuxberg, their one-stop Linux location.”


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