LinuxPR: VillageWorld.com, Inc. Releases Next Generation Messaging Product March 15, 2000

“ICMail 4.2 has Unparalleled Features and

“Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) a subsidiary of
VillageWorld.Com Inc., has unveiled the latest version of ICMail.
ICMail 4.2 includes features previously only found in much more
expensive packages including, web based administration; a
proprietary high-performance message store; native support for
multiple domains; web based mail retrieval and complete integration
of dialup authentication. ICMail supports Sun Microsystems Solaris,
ICSs own embedded LINUX OS, as well as Red Hat and VA Linux Systems
versions of Linux.”

“The web based administration component of ICMail includes a
sophisticated permissions system that allows for multiple
administrators and fine-grained access permissions. The easy to use
web-based mail retrieval portion of ICMail allows users to send,
receive and manage electronic mail from any computer with a web

“‘With the integration of dialup authentication into ICMail, it
has become the most complete solution available for Internet
Service Providers’, said Peter Keenan, President and CEO of
VillageWorld.com. ‘The use of the web for both administration and
mail access reduces the cost of support and upgrades.'”