LinuxPR: World’s 1st Embedded Linux Expo & Conference

“The RTC Group, marketing partners to the real-time and embedded
computing industry, and LinuxDevices.com, ‘the Embedded Linux
Portal,’ today unveiled a sizzling new event for the embedded
computing market: the Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC).
Scheduled to premier on June 22nd in San Jose, Calif.
will feature a full day of technical presentations about using the
open-source Linux operating system in non-desktop embedded and
real-time computing applications.”

“ELEC is directed towards engineers, project managers, and
design teams that are developing a broad range of embedded systems
incorporating the Linux operating system and related technologies.
Typical applications span the gamut from moderate to high
performance fixed and mobile computing needs, and include: smart
appliances, gaming, set-top boxes, medical equipment,
defense/aerospace systems, industrial control/automation,
transportation systems, instrumentation, and data acquisition.”

“The event will feature six 50-minute technical presentations on
various aspects of Linux-based embedded system design, presented by
CTOs and senior technical luminaries from leading companies in the
embedded Linux market. In addition, dozens of suppliers of
technologies and products useful to developers of Linux-based
embedded systems will be present in the expo portion of the event,
to provide product demonstrations and answer product and technical