LinuxReviews: Amarok 1.1 Review

“I have been a faithful KDE user for a long time now. I started
back in the 1.x days on Redhat 7 (I think…can’t remember if I
used KDE with Redhat 6). Having gone from Redhat 7, to 9, to
Mandrake to now Gentoo I have seen KDE through all its evolutions.
One of the software arena’s that KDE has seen a lot of growth (and
this is by no means the only area) is in the audio player/manager
area. In the early days I used xmms and freeamp. These were mearly
audio players though and weren’t truly meant to manage my digital
audio collection (playlists just don’t cut it!). The first draw
back here was that they were not native KDE applictions, so they
felt out of place with all my other KDE applictions…”


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