LinuxSecurity.com: Building a secure web server using Apache and OpenSSL

“Using apache and OpenSSL you can create your own secure web
server to keep authentication and other information private from
prying eyes.”

Having a secure web server is a vital necessity if you are
doing on-line administration, banking and/or e-commerce. You may
just have personal information you need to access over the web and
wish to make secure. Using a secure web server is perfect for these

“Using Apache, mod-ssl and OpenSSL we can create a secure server
quickly and easily. We also no longer have to worry in the U.S.
about the RSA encryption. Prior to Sept. 6, 2000 the RSA algorithm
was fully patended by RSA. The patent officially expires on
September 20, 2000, but RSA lifted the patent a little earlier.
Because of this we no longer need to use the RSAREF package, which
is still under license from RSA.”

“The first task in setting up our secure server will be to
retreive the software required to do it. We will need three vital
packages, Apache, OpenSSL and mod-ssl.”


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