LinuxSpace, Inc. Expands Their Services

Nicholas Ascione

LinuxSpace, Inc. a Linux based ISP specializing in Linux Web
Server colocation has added new services to help its customers
establish a web presence. Their new site offers services such as
colocation, server leasing and web hosting. Their mission is to
“Promote and make available to the average person the highly
reliable Linux/Apache Platform.”

Many people do not realize that using Linux/Apache can save
someone hundreds of dollars both in software and hardware. To
achieve the same results with NT or another commercial platform
would require a large initial investment and would most likely
result in a system that would be of no comparison to the
functionality of a Linux system. Companies that cannot afford
dedicated Internet connections can take advantage of this service
for uses such as email, http, ftp and file sharing. Colocation
makes collaborating with other people over the Internet on projects
an easy and affordable process.

For more information please visit http://www.linuxspace.com