LinuxTicker: 2004 (Thoughts about the UCITA)

“The proposal of the UCITA has passed. If it becomes a law this
would change the rights of the end users rapidly. Rado has written
an essay about the consequents. If you know George Orwell you will
guess why the author has chosen “2004” as headline.”

“What do you get when you put a bunch of lawyers, judges and law
professors in one room and tell them to think about software?”

“As seen in an Infoworld article, you get an almost unanimously
agreement that software industry shall be protected against
anything that can jeopardize one’s rights to get as much money as
he can.”

“It is said America is a land of freedom, where everyone can be
and is protected by law and government, including but not limited
to foreigners, tourists, wild animals and minorities. If I look at
the UCITA paper that was voted by 300 members of National
Conference of Commisioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL), I’d
never let any of them defend me in the court if my case is anyhow
connected to the software.”