LinuxWorld: A day in the Sun

“IBM, Compaq, Dell, Sun: the list of big-dollar companies
learning to walk like a penguin continues to grow. This week Joe
Barr talks to Sun exec Herb Hinstorff about Linux and Solaris —
and where the two shall meet.”

“I met recently with Sun Microsystems executive Herb Hinstorff,
the group manager for Solaris strategy and business development. My
purpose was to learn what Sun was up to with Linux and open

“After a brief discussion about the famous bat colony under the
Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas, we settled down to
business. Herb talked at some length about what Sun is up to, and
has been up to, with regard to Linux.”

“His main points were that Linux has brought “a resurgence to
Unix” and that Sun, related to Linux through the same DNA, is
actively working with the Linux community so that the resurgence
can continue.”

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