LinuxWorld Australia: Giving Linux-Client Users Access to NetWare

“I have, in the past, mentioned that a number of readers were
leery of moving to Linux servers because they feared they might
lose NetWare’s traditional highly granular file and folder
permissions matrix. As I also mentioned, Novell assures me that
Novell Storage Services would be ported to the SuSE Linux server
platform in the upcoming release of Open Enterprise Server. So
that’s one major hurdle overcome. But there is one other (at least;
I’m sure you’ll tell me about more as time goes on).

“Let’s say you emulate Novell’s current desktop migration,
moving your users from Windows to Linux, perhaps using the GNOME
graphical user interface that Novell favors (as opposed, say, to
the KDE interface supported by other Linux distributors)…”