LinuxWorld.com.au: IBM invests US$200M in Linux development in Asia-Pacific

[ Thanks to Nuhna for this link.

“IBM today announced that it will be investing more than US$200
million in the Asia-Pacific region over the next four years. The
investment will see Linux-focused centres opened throughout the
region, Linux-savvy service personnel deployed, and an increased
focus on the operating system as a business platform.”

“The US$200 million investment will see the creation of
Linux Development Centres and Linux Competency Centres across the
region. … The centres will be open to all software vendors,
whether they be start-ups working on a new innovative use of Linux,
or leading enterprise level application developers who want to port
their existing products to the Linux platform.
Asia-Pacific centres will be complimented by the existing
DeveloperWorks Japanese version Web site, as well as the Chinese
version of the Web site which will appear late this year.”

“IBM will be rapidly deploying 300 specialist Linux consultants,
hardware and software specialists, researchers, product developers
and services professionals into the Asia-Pacific region to
kick-start this far reaching support of Linux.”