LinuxWorld.com: The complete messaging gateway

Now, the time has come to install and configure a Web
server and create a simple CGI-BIN e-mail form so that our Linux X
terminal users (and users of other browser equipped workstations)
can connect to the Text Messaging Gateway to send messages without
complicated mail configurations or additional client software
installed on their machines or the application server.

Boa isn’t the only Web server we could use — Apache works well
— and I’m sure some of the others will too. I like Boa for this
application, because my unscientific observations are that it runs
more quickly on 486 and first-generation Pentiums with 8 to 16
megabytes of RAM. For small operations that average less than 30 or
40 messages per hour, why not use something inexpensive? This is
Cheap and Easy Linux server-centric computing, after all.”

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