LinuxWorld.com: The post-show glow — Twenty thousand attend a feel-good event

“Black shirts and free toys, lonely LinuxOne and happy
crowds on the show floor: Joe Barr gives us his final impressions
of the LinuxWorld Expo in New York.”

“Drew Cullen of the Register summed it up for me when he said
that the LinuxWorld Expo was the “first show for a long time where
I’ve seen people looking happy.”

“It was very much a feel-good show — from Linus’s opening
keynote to the acquisition of Andover.net by VA Linux to the mood
on the exhibit hall floor. Things are going very well for Linux and
the Linux community. According to a press release from IDG World
Expo shortly after the show, more than 20,000 persons

“It was a great expo, and if you couldn’t make it, start making
plans now to attend the next one in San Jose, Calif., this coming

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