LinuxWorld: Devil with a Red Hat on, Red Hat explains…its purchase of Hell’s Kitchen Systems

“After purchasing both Cygnus and Hell’s Kitchen, Red Hat is
starting to look like a major player in the global market instead
of the good old Linux distro we know. Paul McNamara, general
manager of Red Hat’s Enterprise Business Unit, talks about what’s
going on….”

“Coming on the heels of last November’s $684 million acquisition
of Cygnus, for many years the open source community’s best-known
and most successful enterprise, Hell’s Kitchen brings the tab for
Red Hat’s holiday shopping spree to just over three quarters of a
billion dollars. I think we can now all agree that Red Hat does
not intend to sit around and passively watch its IPO dollars gather
interest in CDs and bonds.

“But it got a few people wondering exactly what Red Hat was up
to. Last November was also when Red Hat opened its own Linux news
and portal site, called Wide Open News. On January 5, stock in
Salon surged on the news that it was becoming a premier partner of
the Red Hat site.”

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