LinuxWorld: Dumbing down Linux – Is widespread acceptance worth being Windows-like?

“There are a lot of values that I would not want Linux to lose
as it moves to a more central position on the world’s desktops. But
I don’t believe that is really what is happening with the Corel
products or others like them. It is simply that those offerings are
targeting a specific audience: those who are using Windows

“My response to such complaints comes in two parts. First,
do we want to see Linux continue to grow market share on the
desktop as well as in the server? If the answer is yes, then I
suggest that it can only grow as dumbed down versions and
applications that today’s Windows users can install and use without
feeling unduly intimidated.
If the answer is no, then a lot of
the work being done today to make Linux easier to use can come to a
screeching halt.”

“Assuming the answer to the first part is yes, then I will move
on to my next point. I don’t want to see Linux become like Windows
either. I don’t want to give up the speed, robustness, and
flexibility that were my primary motivations to try Linux in the
first place. And I certainly don’t want to see it become a closed,
proprietary product. But making applications familiar to Windows
users doesn’t necessarily mean Linux will become like Windows in
any of those ways.”

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