LinuxWorld: Hacking keyboard makes Nick Petreley happy

“The first thing you notice about the Happy Hacking Keyboard is
its size. It has less than half the footprint of most other
keyboards, because it dispenses entirely with the dedicated
navigation keys (Home, End, arrows, etc.) and the numeric keypad.
You can still get to most of these keys, but you do so laptop-style
— by pressing special key combinations.

“Normally I detest notebook keyboards specifically because of
their reliance on these key combinations. But after a rough start
(which was rough mainly because I needed a wrist pad) I’m
beginning to really like the Happy Hacking Keyboard. Aside from the
key combinations, it really isn’t as lame as a notebook keyboard.
It is full-sized in every other respect, and it feels much better
than the average notebook keyboard.”

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