LinuxWorld: Impressions from ALS

Joe talks to “maddog” Hall; checks out Inprise’s new Linux
RAD tool; answers the question, “What’s AOL doing at a Linux
show?”; and mixes with the innovative and altruistic geeks that
make open source work.

“The ALS is not the biggest or most hyped Linux show, but it is
the best one I’ve attended. Unlike LinuxWorld Expo — the biggest
and gaudiest show — ALS is about Linux, not the companies
scrambling to make money from Linux. And because Linux is about
community as much as software, the ALS is definitely a people show
(albeit geeky people).”

“The crowd seemed almost evenly split between the exhibit hall
floor and the technical presentations. As with most Linux shows,
all the big names were present: VA Linux, Red Hat, SuSE, IBM, Sun,
HP, and so forth. But they didn’t dominate the show.”

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