LinuxWorld: Linux printing made easy: Part 4 – Configuring cupsd — the CUPS daemon

“The cupsd daemon is the heart of CUPS. It listens on port 631
and handles all initial communication with a client. When I began
this series, I was going to cover the text-based,
getting-your-hands-dirty version of configuring CUPS. I have since
decided that many HOWTO articles make users’ lives unnecessarily
difficult. I also believe that when you make HOWTO documents based
on a general command-line-oriented configuration, you give new
users, or potential new users, an inaccurate view of the emerging
ease of Linux.”

“That said, we are going to use the cupsd configurator that
comes with the kups configuration software. At this point, if you
have not done so, I strongly suggest reading the previous articles
in this series.”

“To start the cupsd configurator, you must be able to write to
the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file. That file’s most frequent owner is
the root user. If you don’t want to log out of your normal shell,
you can open a console and use the su command.”

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