LinuxWorld: PC-TEL announces a new LinModem

Thanks to S.Ramaswamy
for this link.

“The announcement of the industry’s first Linux-compatible
software modem”

“PC-TEL announces the immediate availability of its new software
modem for Linux. Will the mass market bite? How about the Linux

“PC-TEL, a five-year-old company specializing in software modems
for the Microsoft market, announced today that the industry’s first
Linux-compatible software modem is available to OEMs

“Software modems are attractive to OEMs because they drive down
overall system cost; however, they also require valuable CPU
capacity in order to operate. Even on a powerful 400-MHz processor,
a software modem can demand as much as 10 to 15 percent of the
CPU’s total throughput. This is a high price to pay for hard-core
Linux users, like those that make up the consumer base of Penguin
Computing, an OEM specializing in high-end Linux computers.”

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