LinuxWorld: The columnist’s manifesto

Stability, performance, and price are nice, but
penguinistas flock to Linux for a deeper Reason.

“The question takes various forms, but it always comes down to
this: “Why should I run GNU/Linux?” It’s a question that’s being
posed everywhere — in PC magazines, in chat rooms, in schools, in
offices, and in airport waiting areas. If you are one of the many
pondering just this question, this column is for you. If you’ve
already taken the plunge, stick around. It might be of interest to
you, too….”

“But we’re starting to see Linux for sale more often, and in
more places: at Sam’s Club, in CompUSA, and in bookstores. Just
look around Barnes and Noble these days; you may discover to your
amazement that Linux has more titles on the shelves than Windows.
This might cause you to shiver ever so slightly, and get a sense of
dread or impending doom. Something is happening here that you don’t
understand, and you’re afraid it’s about to pass you by.”

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