LinuxWorld: Their own devices — A look into the availability of device drivers and specs for Linux

“Desktop computer systems go for a song these days. Competition
among the big retailers is fierce, and many add printers, scanners,
and other peripherals to preconfigured Windows-based systems to
sweeten the pot. But woe unto the adventurous bundle-buyer who
decides to jettison Windows for Linux: chances are that nifty color
inkjet printer will become a desk anchor and the scanner a
doorstop. Such is the heartache of proprietary device drivers.”

“The lack of device drivers presents a catch-22 to those who
hope that Linux will join the desktop mainstream.
Linux-curious users can be sure their system components will work,
they may hesitate to take the plunge — or may become intensely
frustrated if they do. Meanwhile, the perception of some
manufacturers that the Linux market isn’t significant keeps
compatible devices out of reach.”

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