LORAX: Red Hat Linux Beta Release

Just announced on redhat-announce-list by Cristian Gafton

For the brave…
the reckless…
the foolish…
those with extra hard disks…
those with too much free time…
those who miss fixing their own bugs…
people who want to hack device drivers…
people who need to see exceptions…
and people who think Linux has gotten too easy…


Red Hat, Inc. is looking for a few brave hackers to try, test,
break, and experiment on our latest beta release. Featuring
Anaconda, a brand new installation procedure written in Python and
featuring both text and GTK+-based interfaces for your installation

LORAX is not meant for casual consumption. Do not take
internally. LORAX may (in fact, is likely to) be harmful or fatal
if swallowed.

Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly and children under 10
should avoid prolonged exposure to LORAX.

Discontinue use of LORAX if any of the following occurs:

Tingling in extremities
Loss of balance or coordination
Slurred speech
Temporary blindness
Profuse sweating
Heart palpitations
Data loss
The boss notices

If LORAX servers begin to smoke, get away immediately. Seek
shelter and cover your head.

Ingredients of LORAX include an unknown glowing substance which
fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.

Do not taunt LORAX.


LORAX includes the following new features:

  • Anaconda installation
  • Graphical and text mode installs
  • NFS, CDROM, HTTP, FTP, and hard drive installs
  • DDC monitor probing
  • Streamlined installation methods
  • Easily install KDE or GNOME
  • Create user accounts during installation
  • GPLed, of course
  • Kudzu hardware autodetection on bootup
  • Linux 2.2.12 kernel
  • LDAP authentication support
  • The mind-expanding glibc 2.1.2
  • XFree86 3.3.5
  • RP3 configuration tool for easy PPP connectivity
  • KDE 1.1.1
  • GNOME 1.0.15
  • Pentium and Pentium II optimized kernels
  • ISDN support
  • Optional interactive bootup sequence for choosing daemons

LORAX is only available for ix86 platforms, and only available
via the Internet. SPARC and Alpha versions will be available in the
very near future (read *after* Labor day!). Get it now from
There has been a mailing list to discuss this beta release setup as
[email protected] To subscribe, send a message with the
subject line of “subscribe” to [email protected],
respond to the confirmation request, sit back, relax and await
barrage of messages which will help you whittle away your formerly
enjoyable evenings.

(with a tip of the hat to SNL)