Losing My Religion: Firefox 3

“Forgive me, Linux Community, for I have sinned. It has been
forever since my last confession and I am prepared for my penance.
The truth is that I have never particularly cared for the Firefox
browser–not because there is anything wrong with it but just
because I already have a favorite browser. No, it isn’t the one you
think it is. My favorite graphical browser is Konqueror and my
favorite text-based browser was–and still is–lynx. Putting my own
religious fervor and proselytizing nature aside, my task is to
review the new Firefox 3 browser for you.

“After trying for days to install from source and solve an
endless list of dependencies, I gave up and downloaded one of the
binary packages from Firefox 3 Beta Downloads. Here you will find a
list of the latest stable beta version of the browser in about 50
different languages. The latest beta, as of this writing, is Beta 3
upon which this article is based. To use the binary package, you
need to download, unzip, untar, and run the firefox