LWN: Ottawa Linux Symposium – Official Public Announcement

“The 2nd annual Ottawa Linux Symposium will be taking place from
the 19th to the 22nd of July, 2000. The Symposium will be
hosted at the Ottawa Congress Centre to accommodate the increasing
demand for high-end technical Linux development

“Our sponsors run the full range of businesses with strong
interests in the development and advancement of the Linux operating
system. This year, our major supporters include such notables as
Corel (TSE:COR), Linuxcare Inc., Nortel Networks (TSE:NT),
Rebel.Com, Red Hat (NASDAQ:RHAT), VA Linux Systems, Zero-Knowledge
Systems, Achilles, and Helixcode Inc.”

“All of our sponsors are involved in Linux development and are
supporting the users right to choice in the operating system

Press Release