LWN: Report on Day Three of Comdex Canada

“Would you like a free Internet Explorer 5.0 CD?” asked an
eager staffperson in the Microsoft booth. My response: “Does it run
on Linux?” I just had to ask.”

“I found myself at one of Microsoft’s booth theatres just before
a demo was to start for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server… The
speaker was extremely proud of the fact that “I’ve actually seen a
5-node cluster working!”

“Uh… um… hello? Gee, there’s this little project within the
Linux community called Beowulf that started with 16 nodes back in
1994…” I finally just couldn’t stand the empty sales pitch and
got up to leave. Besides, Corel was about to start a demonstration
of Word Perfect 8 for Linux.”

“All in all, an enjoyable and interesting show… the folks from
the Canadian Linux Users Exchange (CLUE) really deserve great
recognition for all they did to pull off the Linux Pavilion.”