LXQt 0.11.0 Desktop Environment Arrives After Almost One Year of Development

That’s right, LXQt 0.11.0 is finally here as a worthy upgrade to LXQt 0.10.0, which was announced back in November 2015 and currently used in several GNU/Linux distributions. For those of you that are not in the loop with the latest LXQt news, we would like to remind them that the desktop environment wants to replace the GTK-based LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) sometime in the near future. Prominent new features of the LXQt 0.11.0 desktop environment include a much-improved user experience, the use of a specific configuration file (e.g. ~/.config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml) when using LXQt under the Openbox window manager, multi-monitor support for the LXQt Panel, a new tool for adjusting the brightness of your display, revamped PCManFM-Qt file manager, and pavucontrol-Qt, a new tool to configure the PulseAudio sound system.