M2 Presswire: Monterey/64 becomes the first UNIX operating system to run on Intel’s Merced chip

“IBM, Intel, SCO and Sequent today announced that the
Monterey/64 operating system is the first commercial UNIX to run on
Intel’s Merced chip. The operating system boot on the Intel chip
was completed at Intel’s facilities in Dupont, Washington. This
achievement underscores the commitment of the Monterey participants
to establish Monterey/64 as the leading volume, commercial,
enterprise-class UNIX operating system for the Intel IA-64 and IBM
POWER processor architectures.”

Getting Monterey/64 up and running on Intel hardware in
such a short time is an extraordinary achievement
“, said Rajiv
Samant, general manager of UNIX for IBM.”

“With this milestone, we have overtaken Sun, HP and others in
the industry. When you combine this achievement with the growing
support from systems and software companies, it is clear that we
will make Monterey the lead UNIX operating system.”

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