Mac OS X and Linux Fail to Compare to Vista

“While the verdict is still out on Windows Vista, Microsoft’s
latest operating system, in combination with its predecessor,
Windows XP, managed to keep Windows users off limits for both Mac
OS X and Linux. It is becoming somewhat of a generalized perception
that Vista is not all the Redmond company promised, and far from
the $500 million Wow advertised across the world in early 2007.
Hardware and software incompatibility issues, lack of driver
support and of dedicated software products and devices, poor
performance and reliability are among the problems that plagued
Vista since the operating system hit the market in November 2006
and in January 2008.

“And while it sounds like Windows Vista delivered an unexpected
window of opportunity for the increase in adoption of Mac OS X and
Linux, the fact of the matter is that the two rival platforms have
almost flatlined in terms of uptake in 2007…”

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