MacCentral.com: Terra Soft offers mobile iMac-based 8-node Linux cluster

[ Thanks to gyolland
for this link. ]

“Linux developer Terra Soft Solutions Inc. has announced a new
portable 8-node Linux cluster designed for parallel processing and
development. The system comes pre-configured with Terra Soft’s
Black Lab Linux implementation, and it’s based on the iMac.”

“Parallel processing provides greatly enhanced performance by
dividing code execution across several different CPU’s, each of
which can execute commands simultaneously. Parallel processing can
be a very expensive and unwieldy affair, either requiring an
expensive computer system or a lab full of computers, all networked
together. Terra Soft’s Black Lab Linux cluster is essentially a
free-standing rack-mount system: The cluster is built using
off-the-shelf technology and has been designed for maximum
— it weighs about 150 pounds, sits less than two
feet on a side, and has been equipped with casters to be able to
move from location to location.”