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              Issue #54    Thursday,   8 August 2002

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


This Week's Summary: LinuxWorld Expo 2002; 9.0 Beta 2 Now Available; 
Advanced Extranet Server Scores Big in Webserver Survey; The Latest 
MandrakeClub Activities; Mandrake in the News; Business Case of the 
Week; 'Prelude' Project Announcement; Software Updates; Headlines from 

LinuxWorld Expo 2002
MandrakeSoft will be hosting many interesting demonstrations at next 
week's LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco (August 13- 15):

 * We will share a booth with our partner AMD to present special 
previews of Mandrake Linux 9.0 running on Hammer -- AMD's next 
Generation Microprocessor -- plus demonstrating the CLIC project 
(CLIC is a special Mandrake distribution for clustering).

 * MandrakeSoft will also be present at Hewlett Packard's booth to 
present & answer any questions about MandrakeSoft's OEM products. HP 
and MandrakeSoft distribute a line of special OEM offerings for 
business desktops.

 * And if that's not enough, we're proud to announce that IBM will be 
demonstrating their famous DB2® database running on Mandrake Linux 
systems. MandrakeSoft has signed an agreement with IBM to distribute 
evaluation versions of IBM DB2® with the upcoming Mandrake Linux 
ProSuite Edition 9.0. The demonstrations will be held at IBM's booth. 

There's lots to see & learn so be sure to stop by and join the fun. 
Tickets are still available. Visit the official website for all the 

What's Cookin' at MandrakeSoft?
9.0 Beta 2 has been released.
Calling all testers -- Mandrake Linux 9.0 Beta 2 is now ready for your 
bug-squashing enjoyment. The many improvements include a new RPMdrake 
(package installer), Java support, and MSEC (the Mandrake security 
utility). Read all the details.

Your help is crucial, so everyone is invited to participate in the beta 
test cycle. Please keep in mind that 'Beta' means experimental software 
that should only be installed on test machines.

Reminder: Three ISO images are available for easy CD-burning, but only 
the first disc is required (it contains the 'core' operating 
system). Please check the '/mandrake-iso' directory of your local 
Cooker mirror.

Advanced Extranet Server growing six times faster than the web average!
MandrakeForum discusses important news from the latest Netcraft survey: 
"The number of servers running Apache Advanced Extranet Server more 
than doubled (+119%) between July 1st 2001 and July 1st 2002. For 
comparison, the total number of web servers grew by less than 20% 
during the same period. That is, the number of web servers running 
Mandrake Linux is growing six times faster than the rest of the web!"

The Mandrake Linux "Advanced Extranet Server" is an 
enhanced/high-performance version of the famous Apache web server. It 
is packaged exclusively by MandrakeSoft as a turn-key solution -- very 
easy to install & configure, and includes the most popular modules such 
as mod_php, mod_perl, mod_mysql, mod_ssl, and many others. 


In related news:
Jean-Michel Dault -- MandrakeSoft employee and chief developer of the 
Advanced Extranet Server -- has compiled a list of schools, 
Universities and Government Agencies that use ADVX as their web server. 
The list is not yet complete, but still very interesting. 

The Advanced Extranet Server (ADVX) has its own website.
Advx.org is a new website dedicated to subjects of interest to Apache 
users and developers. Some of the latest topics include:

 * School Kids and Mandrake Linux
 * ADVX and the Public Sector
 * Virtual private servers and security contexts
 * What's the main difference between ADVX and other implementations of
 * And lots more
Stop by and visit today http://www.advx.org/

Club discounts in August.
Before leaving for his two-week vacation, Denis posted this short story:
"Current Club discounts for 8.2 DVD and Mandrake caps will remain 
active until the end of August. Feel free to propose the products you 
would like to see offered at discount prices in the future, and I'll 
try to get them as soon as I'm back from vacation (unless someone else 
does it while I'm away)!"

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Mandrake in the News
MozillaQuest.com -- 9.0 Beta 1 Available Now; 9.0 in September.
The MozillaQuest online magazine discusses Mandrake 9.0 Beta 1, and 
hosts a brief interview with Gaël Duval -- founder of Mandrake Linux -- 
who discusses MandrakeSoft's involvement with the Linux Standard Base 
(LSB), non-involvement with United Linux, and Mandrake dropping 
Netscape from the distribution and replacing it with Mozilla 1.0.

Business Case of the Week
Talon.net -- Mandrake Linux proved the best for web hosting.
In 1996, Scott St. John helped build an ISP where he used BSDI Unix for 
Web, email and DNS servers. Recently he was asked to come back and take 
over operations:

"My first job was to replace those very same servers, they were 
overworked and ready for retirement. I decided on Linux because I have 
been using that for my personal server and I also use it on my 
laptop [...] I am proud to say that our new web server is running 
Linux-Mandrake 8.2 and it just plain rocks!

I plan on using Mdk 8.2 as I rebuild the mail and dns servers over the 
next couple of weeks. If you are thinking about it, just do it, you 
will not be let down. I also joined the Club, consider doing this as 
well to support the continued efforts of Mandrake." says Scott St. 
John, VP Operations, Talon.net.

For many more examples of Mandrake in the workplace, see MandrakeBizcases.com.

'Prelude' Project Announcement
The Prelude Project, which MandrakeSoft proudly sponsors, 
recently released version 0.8.2 of their Prelude Hybrid IDS suite. 
Prelude is a new innovative hybrid intrusion detection system designed 
to be modular, distributed, rock solid, and fast. The project has 
recently evolved towards being a fully-hybrid intrusion detection 
system which integrates both network-based and host-based intrusion 
detection techniques.

Software Updates
Security-related software updates have been released for:

openssl -- fixes various vulnerabilities

View the complete list at MandrakeSecure.net.

Headlines from MandrakeForum
RPM-voting system: MandrakeClub at its best!
Deno writes: "Eight months after its first introduction, MandrakeClub 
is coming out of its infantile phase and has emerged as an exciting new 
platform which not only offers plenty of interesting advantages to 
subscribers, but also shows that "community" is capable of not only 
"paying the bills" (in more than one way), but also of actually moving 
the distribution in unexpected directions!

Mysterious Palantir.
"Anonymous" reviews a commercial Linux game pack that combines arcade 
elements with a bit of strategy. There are nine rather different games 
packed into it, and three skill levels for each one.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.

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