Mandriva Simplifies its New Range of Products: Mandriva Linux 2008

After the 2007 Spring edition, Mandriva Linux 2008 is the next
major new release of Mandriva to take advantage of the faster
6-months development cycle.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008

With this new release, Mandriva is upgrading its commercial
offer around a single unified product: Mandriva Linux Powerpack. It
integrates a unique set of commercial packages and services to
offer a whole Linux solution. The best-seller Powerpack is the
commercial edition of Mandriva Linux and the recommended extension
for users of the community version, Mandriva Linux One.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 unifies the former Discovery and
Powerpack+ editions. The installation process and initial desktop
experience have been optimized to be accessible for first time
users. Experienced users will enjoy advanced installation options
and new innovative technologies, integrated to work “out of the
box”. Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 also features all required
server and middleware components for developers and for small
enterprise usage, like SQL databases or Web frameworks.

Mandriva Linux One 2008

Mandriva Linux 2008 will also be available for download
free-of-charge as a single live/install CD containing all device
drivers (open or proprietary drivers), and a complete Linux desktop
environment. Named Mandriva Linux One 2008, this community edition
gives open access to all the 16,000 free software packages
available online for this new release. It features a live mode,
simple and designed for new users looking for a Linux test-drive
without installation. It also provides a fast-copy installation
path for people who decide to migrate.

Mandriva Linux Free 2008

Since 1998, Mandriva Linux is based on the Cooker development
project sponsored by Mandriva. Hundreds of passionate free software
developers work openly on the core of the distribution. This year
again, Mandriva is proud to build a special free software edition,
for the discerning users who value software freedom and and don’t
want to run proprietary software on their machine. Named Mandriva
Linux Free 2008, this build does not contain any non-free software
packages like proprietary drivers, closed-source applications or
plugins. It will be available on the network of public Mandriva
mirrors as part of the 2008 release.


All Mandriva Linux 2008 editions will be available for download
at the same time: Powerpack will be available for download at the
Mandriva Store as the same time as One and Free.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 is scheduled to go on sale at the
beginning of October with a new attractive price. Localized boxed
versions and manuals of Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 will soon be
available for sale by all Mandriva regional offices and