Mesa 17.1.2 Open-Source Graphics Stack Brings 70 Improvements to Linux Gamers

Mesa 17.1.2 is here only two weeks after the release of the Mesa 17.1.1 update, and it looks like it brings quite a number of changes. According to the changelog attached at the end of the article, a total of 70 changes are included in this new point release of Mesa 17.1 that would benefit all Linux gamers using AMD Radeon and Intel graphics cards. Looking at some of the improvements brought by the Mesa 17.1.2 update, we can mention several fixes implemented in the configure script of autotools for better handling of target platforms, a fix for a memory leak in a surface, as well as a bunch of fixes for the Intel i965, RadeonSI (GFX9), Freedreno, R100, R200, and Radeon RADV Vulkan drivers.