Microsoft sues Motorola over “excessive” WiFi, H.264 pricing

“Not content with suing Motorola in October over alleged patent
violations in its Android phones, Microsoft has decided to chuck
another lawsuit Motorola’s way. This time, the company is claiming
that Motorola has reneged on its duty to provide reasonable and
nondiscriminatory (RAND) agreements for patents the company holds
that cover both H.264 video compression and 802.11 (WiFi).

“As a member of both IEEE (the body which defines the WiFi
specification, among other things) and ITU (which oversees H.264’s
development), Motorola is committed to providing RAND licensing for
any patents it has that cover those technologies. Microsoft asserts
that the patents are not essential to its products—including
Xbox 360, Windows 7, and Windows Phone 7—as they enable only
optional, secondary features”

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