Microsoft Vows to Fix ‘Broken’ Code In Open Source Cloud Project

“OpenStack, a framework for creating infrastructure-as-a-service
cloud networks from pools of virtual servers, is backed by
Rackspace, NASA, Citrix, Dell, AMD, Intel, and others. The project
attempts to support multiple hypervisors, including VMware and Xen,
but one developer handling release management for OpenStack
recently suggested removing Hyper-V code, calling it “broken and

“Microsoft, however, said it is “committed to working with the
community to resolve the current issues with Hyper-V and
OpenStack,” according to an IDG News Service article published
yesterday. The situation is reminiscent of Microsoft’s long project
to get Hyper-V drivers into the Linux kernel itself. Microsoft
submitted the drivers in 2009 after it was revealed that its use of
open source components in a Hyper-V driver violated the GPL free
software license. While that project stalled a couple of times, we
were just told by Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman this
week that the Hyper-V/Linux integration is in good shape.”

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